IdleAmbition and I had joked about doing the Monarch and Dr Mrs, since I have the bigger chest and Idleambition loves to wear a jock cup, the characters had been decided. Sarah wanted to be Rusty Venture so the group got more awesome. With about a week left till Dragoncon we went for it.

The key aspect of this costume (and the most difficult) is her plunging neckline. Jenny came up with a fantastic solution, to make a custom corset for the costume that lifted everything and hold it in place, but didn't have the middle and laced up the back. The bodysuit was just a regular gym leotard pattern that we had gotten for another costume and modified it and then essentially created a fabric pillow case around the corset. All the trim and the monarch symbol was just done with Bias tape. For the shoes, we just used heel holes and painted a pair of shoes I wasn't using. Idleambition & Sarah did thel ions share of the sewing while I was asked to cut and hand stitched various pieces are both, Idle ambitions costume and my own

Crown- Took a mold of a platic cup, cast in fiberglass, then glued the balls to the top and gave it a couple coats of paint. Made sure to add a small bar that I could attach a hair clip to.

Collar - Was from another costume, which was sculpted and cast as well in fiberglass, then spray painted as well

It was a last minute scambling for fabric and even after dying the yellow it wasn't as dark nor as thick we would have liked it. IdleAmbition and Sarah were completely in character and I kept laughing in photos when I was trying to look indifferent or annoyed. Also to answer your question, I had a hell of a lot of fashion tape on, holding everything up and in.

One of the highlights was meeting Doc Hammer and he said I was the best Dr Mrs, but I'm sure he says that to all the ladies! But the highlight of the costume was being able to cosplay and work with two talented ladies like Idleambition and Sarah. Who without BOTH of their help this wouldn't have happened.



Artwork by Amano